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Private Singing Lessons with certified vocal coach Suzanne Blanch


"Suzanne has helped me eliminate the vocal kinks I carried around for years and helped me lay down a strong, healthy vocal foundation. I now sing with the effortlessness I've always wanted and can't recommend her enough."

- Alyssa Murray, KC's Up-and-Coming Jazz Songstress, Composer & Pianist, Lead Singer of The AM Trio

"Suzanne is an incredible vocal coach. Her personalized approach has helped me refine my technique as a singer. My voice has more power and better pitch, and I have much more control over my singing. She has also taught me various techniques to make my voice last, which has been invaluable on tour. I am excited to continue developing my voice with her!"

- ALICIA SOLO, Lead Singer of BEAUTIFUL BODIES, Signed by Epitaph Records

"Being a songwriter and producer working with great singers, often it helps that I have a working knowledge of the voice as I use it to record, compose, teach and inspire people in my creative process. As an artist and as a person who is familiar with quite a few musical approaches, I find Suzanne to be AWESOME! She is precise, patient and a vocal coach's "Vocal Coach," meaning she can work well with people who've already made music our profession. She has so many helpful tips to avoid vocal fatigue and to create power and produce an overall consistent good sound every time you sing. I recommend her!!"

- ISAAC CATES, KC's Leading Gospel Composer & Choir Director

"I've been taking lessons with Suzanne off and on since 2008, and every time I come back and work with her, I can feel and hear the growth in just a few lessons. I've developed a bigger range and better technique, and I feel confident and receive more compliments since studying with her. I've also referred many other singers to her. She's a miracle worker!"

- SAMANTHA FISH, 2012 Blues Music Award Winner for "Best New Artist Debut"

"I'm classically trained, and have been singing all my life, but was beginning to have some issues with my voice due to overuse. I've studied with several other teachers, but not until I went to Suzanne did I actually feel like I received the help I was looking for. Within a few lessons my range increased, I never went hoarse anymore, and my tone improved. Singing became fun and easy again!"

- LAUREN ANDERSON, 2015 Midwest Music Awards "Female Vocalist of the Year"

"I came to Suzanne because I was having some serious vocal health issues, and needed to get my range back. I was only able to take lessons for a few months, but even in that short amount of time, I learned so much about my own voice, and how to save it. Suzanne helped fix my improper technique and helped to make my voice feel lighter and not pushed. I highly recommend her!"

- CASI JOY, Nashville Recording Artist

"Don't let your age or history of struggles with singing stop you from pursuing your dream of the joy of being able to sing. Suzanne Blanch has fundamentally changed my ability as a musician, both vocally and otherwise. In blues, bluegrass and other genres I have played guitar and sang for over 40 years, but the truth, hard though it was to face, was that I had no ability as a singer. I began to work seriously to change this 5 years ago at age 60. I am so fortunate that I found someone as skilled at teaching as Suzanne. Her program of mixing exercises, training and development of specific material was the right mix for me to stay committed through the difficult process of recognizing my issues with voice and correcting them. After working with Suzanne for a few years, for several years every week and sometimes with extended breaks, my vocal performance now qualifies me as a "singer," something that I did not think possible just a few years ago.

In my judgment we do our culture a disservice when as children we are sorted into those who "can sing" and those who "can't sing." The reality is that everyone can sing, but for many of us it does not come naturally. Like playing an instrument, it takes learning skills and practice. Suzanne has a remarkable insight into the process of singing and the skills needed: she also knows a seemingly unlimited number of different exercises to focus on development of vocal ability. It can be frustrating, but it is as learning any new skill, some progress is fast, sometimes you plateau for longer than you would like. But if you persist, and have a great teacher like Suzanne, you can and will become a vocalist, no matter what your age or beginning skill level. Just the fact that I (who really was a lousy singer) have been asked to write this should be further proof that her methods work. They worked for me and they will work for you!"

- PAT NICHOLS, 2014 Topeka Int'l Blues Competition Winner for "Best Solo/Duo"

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